The pandemic brought by the COVID-19 has given us one realization: not a single person is always prepared. Because of the surging cases of virus infection, a lot of businesses have shut down and a lot of workers have been affected in terms of income.

The same thing is also experienced by other workers and entrepreneurs all around the globe. And today, there are many people who suffer from lack of financial help and preparedness. While we cannot rotate back the clock and prepare ourselves for this, we can be proactive in dealing with the situation and take proper care of the resources that we have and be smart in dealing with different matters, most especially in terms of finances.

The following are the most effective ways on how to prepare your finances during a pandemic:

  • Verify Health and Life Insurance Details – if you already have insurance, this is now the perfect time to call them and know the necessary information is there is a need for an upgrade. Take note of the deductibles, exclusions, and the extent of your life insurance covers. If you still do not have insurance, it is the ideal time to avail of one. Utilize the time and your money to get affordable health insurance to ensure certain matters when something happens amid the pandemic.
  • No Hoarding and Panic Buying – a lot of people do this in fear of food scarcity, not knowing the negative consequences. First, this will cause deprivation of food of people who need, and second, purchasing too many can lead to spoilage, which is a waste of investment and time. Only buy what is necessary and how many is necessary.
  • Keep Some Cash with You at All Times – do not withdraw all your money as this will cause you to spend more when you are at a grocery store or shopping mall. However, it is advised that you keep with you some cash all the time in case of an emergency. Not being prepared might cause you to miss opportunities like cheaper products and services available at the moment.
  • Cut Expenses – this is now the perfect time to control spending. While it is understandable to spend online because of the dopamine it provides, you also need to think long term, thus cutting expenses is a better decision to make. How can you do this? Highlight items that are not very necessary for everyday functions and record your receipts and expenses. If it is a need, buy it, if it is a want, scratch it out.
  • Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst – while expectations are not recommended, being financially and mentally prepared for the worst will give you time and will to do the necessary adjustments to your life in all aspects. You need to think that the pandemic has not yet stopped so you need to be equipped at all times.


While everybody is focused on negative emotions, this is not the time to get swayed onto depression. In order for you to feel good, it is also important you are taking steps on improving your routine, finances, and your life, in general. This is the only way you will feel good about your life amid the pandemic.

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