Did Robert Johnson Make A Deal With The Devil?

Many people know the legend of Robert Johnson and his midnight liaison with the devil. In the legend, young Robert Johnson lived on a plantation in the Mississippi wilderness where he was possessed with the overwhelming urge to become a blues legend. However, in order to do this, he needed to make a sacrifice and that involved making a deal with the devil. So, as the story goes, young Robert took his guitar to the crossroads near Dockery Plantation at midnight where he met the devil who tuned his guitar. From that day on Robert possessed unparalleled mastery of the guitar and all for the price of one soul.

Few people actually believe this legend and the story is more of testament to Robert’s prowess than it is a literal interpretation of his skill. In a genre appealing to all the woes of our everyday lives – car troubles, divorce, death, loss, even having to seek help from places like www.debtcounseling.bankrupt.com – Robert Johnson was the original delta blues legend whose seeming supernatural mastery of the guitar was what paved the way for other artists to come. The truth is that Robert Johnson didn’t make a deal with the devil; rather, he was God’s gift to the blues genre.