The Best Blues Artists Of The Last Decade

The best blues artist of the last decade is Riley B. King better known as B.B. King. He has been performing blues music for over five decades and is known by the world as “The King of the Blues.” He started recording in the 1950’s and has since released over fifty albums. His story of becoming a blues artist is remarkable. He started off playing on street corners for a dime in the small town of Bena Mississippi. In 1947 he decided to take the next step in becoming an artist and hitch-hiked his way to Memphis Tennessee. His first big break came in 1948 when he had the chance to perform on a West Memphis radio show. Riley King was first known as “Beale Street Blues Boy” which was then shortened to “Blues Boy King” which eventually turned into the name he is best known for now, “B.B. King.” He has since become a household name known as the best blues artist of all times. He is also now a successful business man with blues clubs scattered through out the country. In his mid seventies now he still tours and performs over 250 shows around the world each year.