Where Did The Blues First Develop?

Many people believe that the blues style of music developed early in the 20th century around the time that sheet music for Hart A. Wand’s “Dallas Blues” was first published. Although this occurred in 1912 and was the first first official publication of a blues song, this does not denote the creation of the blues. In fact, the roots of the blues go much deeper and are much more difficult to uncover.

The beginnings of the blues can be traced all the way back to Africa where it was found among the tribes from which slaves were taken and brought to America. These slaves then took the music into the fields where it became the work songs that could be heard on many plantations. From there, the influence of traditional spirituals was introduced in the churches attended by slaves.

It was the combination of elements such as these from which modern blues was born. Pinpointing a precise date as the birth of the blues is virtually impossible. Indeed, the blues existed before there was even a name for the musical style. Fans and practitioners of the blues today can be proud of a rich heritage dating back centuries.The information party rocks on: Women in Music – snippets and tunes