The coronavirus has stopped almost all of the activities all around the globe, and it is like everyone has stopped functioning, but one thing it was not able to stop – relationships of couples genuinely love each other. Although the pandemic is not easy to deal with as it poses restrictions when it comes to communication and contact, and probably ceased and postponed trips and plans, what we are about to share with you are the ways how couples fought for their love and pursue what they already had been planning before the pandemic happened.

You probably have heard that the pandemic caused cancellations on most plans; these include weddings. This is not easy because there are many things that you need to be considered such as financial matters, venue, guests, and all of the little things like a wedding photographer or cater services, and many more. But here is how couples are staying safe while getting hitched during the global pandemic.

  • Marriage Hut – San Diego has almost two thousand people registered to get married before the pandemic started. In order to cater to all of these demands, the Clerk’s office thought of making a plan and turned an empty concession stand into a marriage hut. The hut has already serviced thousands of couples up to this date. When one couple was asked, they said that it was a smart move coming from the clerk’s office since a lot of couples cannot stay disunited during a pandemic.
  • Self-Uniting Ceremony – the ceremony involves doing their own marriage ceremony without getting legal. This has been reported done by a couple living in Pennsylvania. The couple performed their own wedding at the intersection of two streets in Pittsburgh and many of their neighbors witnessed and watched the vow being made.
  • Virtual Wedding – this as done by a couple living in New York and other couples from other states. What they did was they dropped notes to their neighbor invited to the wedding that would happen virtually. The same thing applies: there are dress codes that guests need to wear during the virtual wedding. There was also a pastor that officiated the wedding via Zoom and the wedding had been done. Of course, there were hurdles that were experienced such as technical issues but the weddings were successful.
  • Micro Weddings – because of the pandemic and the social distancing that is imposed to states, couples have been opting for micro and tiny wedding celebration where they accommodate up to fifty guests, still following social distancing. One of the most prominent venues that have entertained weddings in this style is Edmonton’s Hotel Macdonald, a venue in Canada.

There were positive responses to these kinds of weddings, and although there were restrictions still, couples, as well as the guests, were very happy during the wedding ceremonies. You see, the pandemic cannot be stopped, and instead of letting it stop your plans in life, you need to be proactive in dealing with difficult situations like these and do what you can to bounce back.

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